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Galería RGR is pleased to present You Are Everything by Jeppe Hein, an exhibition of twenty-two interrelated pieces created between 2015 and 2021. This is the first time the Danish artist exhibits in Latin America. The show’s wall-bound sculptures and free-standing pieces create a unique engagement once faced by the viewer. It illustrates Hein’s artistic approach to generate meaningful encounters and connect individuals with each other as well as with their environment. Though often compared to the work of minimal and conceptual artists from the 1970s, such as Donald Judd, Carl Andre or Robert Morris; Hein’s oeuvre occupies a unique position within the contemporary context of art and its expressiveness. 

You Are Everything presents colorful artworks in a variety of materials. Nevertheless, both are just a means to convey a much more complex concept that strives to acknowledge the significance of relationship with oneself and with others, as well as tackling the importance of mental health as a pressing concern in this day and age. The selection of artworks show the artist's personal development and encourages self-reflection. You Are Everything attempts to make the viewer aware of the importance that “you” are in fact “everything”, that you are unable to escape yourself and hence, that it is important to take care of yourself. 

The show creates a space for social interaction and intercultural dialogue. Works are activated by visitors and offer opportunities for exchange with each other. This form of interaction that arises between the work of art and the spectators, becomes a public experience. Yet, it does not strike as necessary to have masses engaging with it at the same time. Even if there were only two people, there would be a dialogue between them and the artwork. What starts as an individual encounter becomes a shared experience. 

Fantastically playful, insightful and colorful, Jeppe Hein’s displayed pieces are able to resonate in a sensible manner that is not only rare to come across, but also unforgettable. You Are Everything carries a grandeur that invigorates and rewards prolonged examination. The apparent simplicity in Hein’s work belies a long-lasting gestation period as it lingers in the mind of the viewer and conducts to an introspective, spiritual experience.

Selected Works

Jeppe Hein 

Colourful Mexico #05, 2021

Glass fiber reinforced plastic, chrome lacquer (coral blue IV, emerald green, medium orange essence, ruby red), magnet, white smoke strings

40h x 26w x 26d cm
15 95/127h x 10 30/127w x 10 30/127d in



Jeppe Hein 

One Two Three, 2017

High polished stainless steel and aluminium

222h x 370w x 226d cm
87 51/127h x 145 85/127w x 88 124/127d in

Edition 3 of 3


Jeppe Hein 

Rotating Onyx Nuvolato, 2019

Stone slab (onyx nuvolato), motor, stainless steel mirror

ø 100 x 40 cm

Edition 1 of 3


Jeppe Hein 

Yellow Modified Social Bench #01, 2021

Powder-coated aluminium

187h x 301w x 179d cm
73 79/127h x 118 64/127w x 70 60/127d in

Edition 1of 2 AP


Jeppe Hein 

Modified Street Light #02, 2021

High grade steel, powder-coated lamp head, LED

394h x 105w x 93d cm
155 15/127h x 41 43/127w x 36 78/127d in

Edition 1 of 2 AP


Jeppe Hein 

Dark green and pink mirror balloon, 2020

Glass fiber reinforced plastic, chrome lacquer, magnet and string (white smoke)

40h x 26w x 26d cm
15 95/127h x 10 30/127w x 10 30/127d in



Jeppe Hein 

Threefold Perspectives, 2019

High polished stainless steel, aluminium and electric motor

145h x 145w cm
57 11/127h x 57 11/127w in

Edition 1 of 3


Jeppe Hein 

YOU ARE EVERYTHING (handwritten), 2019

Powder coated aluminium, neon tubes, two-way mirror, powder coated steel and transformers

100h x 100w x 10d cm
39 47/127h x 39 47/127w x 3 119/127d in

Edition 2 of 3 + 2AP


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